Dr. Dre

"No Brainer"

[Verse 1: DJ Spuddzz]
In my life, every day is basically a no brainer
I stay away from that type of sh*t, I just go to the gym
And try to make out with my hot trainer
And make claims that I'm Dr. Dre, the pot blazer
When I date her, I'll take her to the pub with no shirt
Drop my worst manners, even act like I don't know her
Never let her see my sweet side till she's seventy-three with weak eyes
And even then, I'll still look like a demonised freak
I'm way too lazy to be capable of writing lengthy verses
So I write some punchlines and freestyle the rest of the words
So you'll never see me rappin' this live
I just say a bunch of words and they happen to rhyme
I have amazing writing skills, my lyrics sick as my health
I ghost-wrote "Rap God" and left this sh*t for myself
And I don't record, I just make Slim Shady rap
The lyrics I write in his fake Australian accent ("Well I do")

I deliberately screwed my life up
Well educated but I'll still choose to try drugs
Super moody, in the right mood to fight thugs
Assume I might punch the dude who lights bud
When it comes to arrogance, I'm the best in the world
But my self-putdowns are forever the worst
I'm always on a roll unless I'm copping sh*t from some arsehole
Like toilet paper, Emkew's lyrics come class gold
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