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Dr. Dre

"Serial Smoker"

I’m a serial smoker, I told ya
When I start to rap on a beat
You see circling vultures
I am white, so it’s not in my culture
Is that how racism works?
I don’t know I’m a soldier
Of music
That was cringy but I’m gonna use it
People get confused when
I start a new movement
My raps ever improving
Finally I’m doing
What I wanted to do for a long time now
Writing whatever I want
I don’t do second thought
Well on second thought, I do
Inside my brain, I get lost
I can’t help it but these sick lines
Enter my mind
And then I write them down
Let me spit some for you now:
I got a thing for nasty b*tches
I steal food out of Catholic fridges
I’m a rap surgeon, I make bad incisions
Into the skin of what I’ve written
I cause a nasty collision
Between blood and bones
Between word and flow
Poke the needle in your hart and then I say ‘oh no’
I’m afraid it’s 9.30 already, so I go
I have to make it to the party, you know?
And like that, I’m now fired
I’m beyond tired
Of the voices in my head dissing my songs
They tripped the wrong wire
I’m going crazy
Been writing non-stop lately
Writing f*ck, b*tch, n-, heh!
People will hate me
This sh*t’s a weird addition
To my weed addiction
I’ve been dissecting every word
With the upmost precision
All I want is recognition
For the flows I have written
One day we’ll get to the top
But for now, we’re just chilling
It’s 10am
And I’m rolling the weed
Does this mean I am tied down, or am I totally free?
One day, everybody will be f*cking with me
But for now, no one knows yet, just wait and see
Just wait and see
Ju-, ju-, just wait and see

I’m not done yet
Make myself a suspect
Kill a million people with words
For me it’s fun, yeah
I’ve written killer stuff
Chilling in the cinema
Chop her up
Put her in a body bag, get rid of her
I’m a minister
Or at least I’m similar
Number one, but no politics
I am disinterested
For you, the listener
Drown this female rap in vinegar
Chop it up in sweet pieces
And now I truly finish her

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