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Dr. Dre

"Russia Girl"

She thinks I’m a crazy crazy rich asian
But I’m just a crazy crazy rich human
So f*cking crazy I’m philosophical
I respek Buddha cuz he’s logical
I respect Jesus too he’s a good man
Taught me how to forgive all these hood games
Wish we could all sit together smoke that good sh*t
Wish we’d never get caught doing that goon sh*t
Wish the dons would listen to a guy like me
Wish we’re all so f*cking rich and stay fly like bees
Teach the kids in the hood entomology
That is how we gonna fix the economy
I’m savage I grew up eating insects

Yall eat khoai tây chiên, I eat nhộng chiên
Mix it up I could create my own dialect
Rap so much man I work like an architect
Donald Trump needs to stop asking for money
You’re rich enough, sir, at least you’re funny
And Russia girl needs to stop all the scammers

Put the blame on me like I’m Akon
The government wants me dead wants me to stay gone
I just wanna stay high, wanna make songs
New tracks every week, I don’t take long

I’m like the f*cking McDonald’s of this rap sh*t
You’re lovin it, baby, I know you’re lovin it
Cuz the thug in me recognize the thug in you
Namaste, for real, cuz I trust in you

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