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Dr. Dre

"Dopeman (Remix) (Edited)"

Yo Dre!!

[Verse 1: Ice Cube]
It was once said by a man who couldn't quit
"Dopeman, please can I have another hit?"
The dopeman said, "Yeah Clucka, for a wave her
If your girl come here and do me a favor"
It all happened and the guy tried to choke her
Pushed didn't care, she ain't nothin' but a smoker
That's the way goes, that's the name of the game
Young brother gettin' over by slangin' 'caine
Gold around his neck in 14 K heaven
Girls On My jock About twenty-four/seven
He Won't Live Long Just Keep on waiting
Dopeman Dies Cause We Have fresh Daytons
Livin' in Compton, Cailfornia C-A
Three with a Checkers of Police On a raid
To be a dope man It's a Life Of Grief
2 Best Days on the 1st and 15th
Gotta Lot of money nuttin' less than a twenty
Yo you want a five-oh the dopeman's got plenty
To be a dopeman boy you must qualify
Don't get high off your own supply
From a ki' to a G it's all about money
10 piece for a champ, base pipe comes free
If people out there are not hip to the fact
If you see somebody gettin' money for crack
He's the

[Chorus: N.W.A]
Dopeman, dopeman! (Ay man, give me a hit)
Dopeman, dopeman! (Boy We need to quit!)
Dopeman, dopeman! (We don't care anyway)
Dopeman, dopeman! (Well, long you just gets paid)

[Verse 2: Dr. Dre & Arabian Prince]
Yo man you Happening JD The Other Night?
Yo Man I Was Locked Up something of stuff
Yeah, Did Yeah, Did Now During about 10 Minutes of winning
I Told That Brother Working On The Post Office

[Ice Cube]
You need a somebody with money so you get a dopeman
Juice that fool for as much as you can
She like his car, and he get wit her
Got a black eye cause the dopeman hit her
Let that slide and you pay it no mind
Find that he's slappin' you all the time
But that's okay, cause you escape
And you ain't back with it cause he's keeps you dre!
Do what he say and you keep your mouth shut
Poppin' that trash might get you beated up
Well sit and cry, if the dopeman strike you
He don't really care he got two just like you
There's another girl in the dopeman's life
Not a prostitue but far from a wife
She's called "Strawberry" and everybody know
Strawberry, Strawberry is good to go
Do anything for a hit or two
Give tha girl a rock, there's nothing she won't do
It might be your wife, sister or girlfriend
Come home and see her in a bed with a dopeman
Strawberry just look and you'll see pleases
But don't mess around she'll carry dieases
If people out there are not hip to the fact
Strawberry is a girl sellin' body for crack
To the

[Chorus: N.W.A]
Dopeman, dopeman! (Ay man, give me a hit)
Dopeman, dopeman! (Boy We need to quit!)
Dopeman, dopeman! (In yo' face)
Dopeman, dopeman! "Yo Dre!! Kick in the bass!!"

[Verse 3: Ice Cube]
If you smoke 'caine, you a nothing but a sucker
Known around the hood as the schoolyard clucker
Doin' that crack with all the money you got
On your hands and knees, searchin' for a piece of rock
Jonesin' for a hit, and you're lookin' for mo'
Done stole the Alpine out of Eazy's six-fo'
You need your be whooped cause it's out of this earth
To get a ten-piece need a dollar fifty work
Knucklehead boy, yeah you turned into a crook
But swear up and down boy that you ain't hooked
You beat your friend up, and you beaten as but long
Cause he hit the pipe til the rock was all gone
You robbin' and stealin', buggin' and illin'
While the dopeman's dealin', what is healin' yo' pain
Cocaine, this world's insane
Selling crack to the another in the fast lane
Strawberry's out here to play the road
(Man, I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole) me neither
I Just Stop And Grined, Dopeman In The Pen During 5:00 To 10:00

Well, I'm the dopeman got That Selling crack
Now my Face is in the dirt and a police is on my back
I Used To Selling Coke every day in the streets
Now But Chow Line Is Where I Eat
So Stop whatcha doin' that ain't what Is About
Cause Sooner Or Later It's Gonna Play Out
There's Money on the street But I'll Tell You What
Either Dead Or in Jail Is Would you End Up?
I Know For A Fact that's is How It Can Be
"Hey dopeman!" No, That's Not Me
Now You're Selling Crack, It's Not the Mood
I Just Didn't For the Girls Call money and juice i was the

[Chorus: N.W.A]
Dopeman, dopeman! (From The Mob)
Dopeman, dopeman! (Boy, Get A Job)
Dopeman, dopeman! (Clock as much as he can)
What Your Say Your Name Was? THE DOPEMAN!

[Outro: Krazy D]
Yo Mr. Dopeman, you think you're slick
You sold crack to my sister, and now she's sick
But if she happens to die, because of your drug
I'm puttin' in your culo, a .38 slug

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