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Dr. Dre


How can you teach defeat
To an artist that’s never been beaten
No one can stand and preach
To me as I stand as the GOAT

I am a renegade
I am ripping up the world stage
I am the reason that Detox will never be made
Dre heard my album drop and knew that it was something that could never be topped
I can’t be stopped

Dre has lost his way
And Marshall has faded
Both looking like washed out rappers that never made it
I will even call out Shady and go toe to toe
And once again emerge undefeated

Rap needs a doctor
I stepped from the shadows to lead the way
The artists have lost their way
Hailed as the saviour
But I have evolved the game
And received the fame
Everything I touch turns multiple platinum
My album sales are higher than Jackson’s

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