DJ Scheme

"XXL Freshmen 2019 Cypher - Part 1"

[Verse 1: Lil Mosey & YK Osiris]
Goddamn, I feel like the man
Freshman of the year, I woke up like the man
Never poppin' Xans, 'cause they killin' me, damn
When you got the money, they be tryin' be your friend
Okay, this a lame-ass beat
Walk up on your b*t*h, my d**k eight feet deep
Why he talking out his lip? He know ain't sh*t sweet
Ayy, ayy, your block I'm gon' sweep
Ayy, ayy, bussdown, not regular face (What?)
Ayy, chasin' blues like DaBaby (What?)
Ayy, swervin 'round with Kate (What?)
Ayy, dropped out, no I didn't graduate man

[Interlude 1: Megan Thee Stallion]
Real hot girl sh*t, aah

[Verse 2: Megan Thee Stallion]
b*t*h, I'm with your man, tryna see what the hit for
Post a new pic for a b*t*h I'ma sh*t on
Big bag talk, make that little money get gone
I love cash, I be in the back, tryna get it on
I'm gettin' money, I ain't even mad atcha'
Rich b*t*h sh*t, I might throw a bag atcha'
Speakin' on my name only make it sound better
Your n***a in my DM, and he write love-letters
Say that booty looking softer than Hawaiian rolls
I be in the gym, I'm your girls' body-goals
Flexin' on the gram do it for the mad hoes
Everything I do they watchin' me like I'm on parole
Couple of these b*t*hes n***as on my block list
Drop a screenshot if I wanna start sh*t
I ain't f**ked your man, that ain't how I rock sis'
I just took him to the bank to make a deposit, aah
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