Ambassel lyrics

DJ Scheme

Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse: JID]
Uh, look
I play the game, I missed the shot
I had the answer then forgot
I knew one day my sh*t would pop
Finessed for naught, mah-nah, mah-nah
Flex an awful lot and cut the check, mah-nah, mah-nah
But lives done set, but I've been dabbin' on my sh*t
Like I'm gettin' down, like any [?]
I don't see nothin' but red
Now gather the blankets and the milk and the bread
I come from the east and I'm travelin' west
Got a machete, I chop on the chopper
n***a deserved it, determined the plot with the threats
It ain't no stopping, the gun poppin'
Son of God droppin', anybody? Who next?
I want a mansion, I got a million advances
I want to stay in Atlanta
So most of them moved to LA and throw all of their money away
And move back with their parents
I see the canvas...

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