Burna Bandz

"Now Look"


(Aye, aye, they ain’t know I was the sh*t, plug gave me a brick, Ima go make a flip,..... free my n***as and sh*t, they ain’t know I was the sh*t, plug gave me a brick)


They ain’t know I was the sh*t now a young n***a lit
Now I own n***as sh*t got it all off the wrist
Pass me a brick, tell plug pass a brick Ima go make a flip
Ima go hit the trip
And a young n***a up late cuz I gotta get to this cake
Pull up making n***as shake they already know bout gang
I never ever changed feelings make a make a n***a change
Deadmihana for the pain told gang we gon make it through the rain

Verse 1:

n***as change them feelings make a n***a change
I know this city is so cold so I don’t leave without that thing
These n***as hangin for the fame these b*t*hes f**king for a name
SOS be the gang these n***as don’t understand
And you know I shoot it up for bro give a f**k if he right or wrong
And I don’t gotta say “go” that’s all my shootas know
I been all on the road trying to get to this dough
And I came up off a O taking trips with the coke
Heard the price is higher up North
Killas posted by the store
Lil Dae Dae got it in the coat
f**k around bro gon blow
And I gotta move this low I been grinding all day
Sipping henny for the pain
Smoking deadmi for the pain
Tell them n***as free the gang we gon make it through the rain
If Ref B say the word n***a then you know its a stain
Wrap a n***a up for a birdy tell the n***as free 30
We ain’t never ever worry the clip still hold 30
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