Tallup Twinz

"Bout Dat Life"

[Intro: Tony Bands]
We gon' ride
All my n***as 'bout that life
Yeah, we gon' slide
Been making nips all day all our f**king life
Wass Gang, Mo Bands
Free slime
Pull up homicide, yah, yah

[Chorus: Tony Bands]
We gon' ride, all my n***as 'bout that life
We been making nips all day, all f**king night
We gone slime, when we slide that's homicide
We knew the price but we still gon' live that life
Live that life, yeah, yeah
We gon' still live that life
How they gon' try and tell me I ain't livin' right
Might pour up just to keep a peace of mind
You see, they told me I be dеad or doin' time

[Verse 1: Tony Bands]
They say they ridin' on (Thеy ridin')
We sliding back to back so now they hidin' on
All my n***as take them risks, yeah we gon' ride
No second guessing
It's gon' be a homicide, yeah, yeah
We be on the block
Watching for the cops
Tryna sell them rocks
Shook 'em with them Glocks
Taking off his top
Skrrt off of his block
My n***as they itchin'
We bustin' them triggers
Watch for the Feds
That be taking a picture
With the plug, not the man in the middle
DOA, we ain't putting them in critical
Ain't no capping in my rappin', straight facts n***a
With all the price, you lose your life
Better hold a strap n***a (Hold a strap)
Whole lotta nights I get no sleep
I was in the trap n***a
Tryna rinse these packs
Momma praying that I make it back n***a
I'm on the road, making plays
Dodging them investigations
But f**k the jakes, we chase the money
I ain't got no patience
That n***a snitchin'
That's the reason that they solving cases (Rats)
Pull up, slidin' on the opps
We scoring like Wilt Chamberlain
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