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It's the biggest don on the mic
You know that, it's the turkey

Oh, yeah, let me say;
Your brother's a faggot
Your sister is gay
Your mum is a black c*nt
Your dad is a member of the KKK
They're f*cking bi-curious
Making me furious
I don't believe what I have to say
Oh, yeah, my bars are so sick
My beats are more lit than a candlestick
Don't let me dominate, I'm an emcee
After my shows, your seats are empty
I'm better than the best, I'm the best on scene
My beats are more sick than Millie B's
If you wanna come against me
You better step up and f*ck a turkey
I'm just working, stop the hurting
Call me Shakespeare, a f*cking wordsmith
I'm a lyricist on the mic
And I only stop at night
Sophie Aspin, will you please
Get your head off the toilet seat?
It's not a hat, can't you see?
Your words are on par with Little T
All these grime artists are sh*t
Why can't they all just stop making music?
I might just lose it
I just am cruising
And when people talking sh*t about me
I might just bring my crew in
Everything you say, man, it's a lie
Why did you even start doing grime?
Making it out like you did time
Do you even know how to count to five?
Looking for answers, back of the book
Trying to find where I give a f*ck
Insult my family, losing morality
Why can't you not just stop?
You know what the problem I see is?
You're all on BGMedia
It's hard to follow who's beating you
When you're all from the same scene, it's true
I'm getting paid a salary
At least guys aren't trying to enter me
Maybe by the time that I'm done with you
My lyrics could make doc*mentaries
My bars are more sick than a kid with cancer
If you were Dancer, I'm Prancer
Because I'm always the one to come after
I'm not surprised I don't have BAFTA
OBE, Nobel Prize, I've got a Grammy
Golden Globe, MTV and there's an Emmy
My di*k is not fully up so it's a semi
Put a gun to your head and call you Lenny (Boy!)
Because I make references every line
My bars are more sick than any grime
Guantanamo Bay, I am doing time
But look at me now, I am doing fine

BGMedia, don't make sense
Grime artists, don't make sense
Incest, it don't make sense
I am competitive, don't make sense
Winning awards, don't make sense
Trying to rhyme, don't make sense
Comparisons, don't make sense
Wrote these bars to not make sense

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