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"​gucci yeets"


You can see me killing slime
You can see me in a mine
You can see I took my time
You can see I cook that pork
You can see I place a sign
Every time I got these eyes on me
I feel like I'm being watched by Herobrine
No pain, no game
Minecraft gold chain
Stay out my lane
You're not the same
Please leave this game
Please leave this game
You can't take my username
Your mum look like coal
She digs down a hole
She looks like a swine
She don't even know how to mine

[Verse 2: CRZFawkz]
Pull up to the burger store
Then I ate all the burgers at the burger floor
Yuh, this is CRZ on a beat
Go ahead and get the throne and then take a seat
I will get all these skrrts and, uh, all these skeets
Back then, you was skrrting and I hit a skeet
Yuh, yuh, I'm-a dab and then hit a yeet
Every single day, hitting Gucci-Gucci yeets
Gucci-Gucci yeets, Gucci-Gucci-Gucci yeets
CRZFawkz hitting Gucci-Gucci yeets
I don't care anymore, I got so much swag
Put it back, put it back, put it in a bag
Then I went, then I went and took off all the tags
And got lit, and got lit, and I got my swag, ugh!

[Verse 3: damienfarron]
Hoes mad
I'm in the Nether, looking real fresh, though
Got my diamond armour, cost a grip, boy, you wouldn't know
Boy, you is broke and yo' crib got the green top
You was eating coal while I'm munching on pork chop
Gotta log off for a while
Don't grief my house, you child
Or I will pull up and beat your wife
While doing Gangnam Style

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