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Van William

"Down Together"

[Verse 1]
I got caught up at seventeen
When I was hungry for that scene
You looked so wild
You turned me up
And now I'm spinning
I saw you fighting
There's something wrong
Got turned against me
You took what you wanted
You left me there
But the pain is fading

I think I knew it when we were starting it
You changed your colors and I'm over it
But I will back down, I'll leave this town
No, we're not going down together
I'll wash my hands of you and pray
That we're not meant to be together

[Verse 2]
You tear away in your parent's truck
I don't know why I come for you
I guess I get a buzz from watching you go crazy
The whites of your eyes
The grinding teeth
Have got me reeling
It's an ache in my bones
I'm breaking off
Stuck on that feeling
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