[Chorus: Whxami]
Said I've been away for awhile
And now I still don't know how I'ma go about it
So whatchu know about it?
Well ain't it perfect?
I fell through the tiles
I'm bleeding out onto the floor around me
My arms are cold and bloody
And I've been distant for a very long time
I still don't know how she feel about me
I get to thinking about it
Well ain't it perfect?
I fell through the tiles
I'm bleeding out onto the floor around me
This is my suicide, I guess she know

[Verse 1: Whxami]
I've been worried being broke
Worried being alone
Worried I'ma die young
And suffer if I grow old
And I'm tired of these nights spent crying
While I justify it for why I never pick up the phone
You wanted me to be honest, well then baby you got it
Everyone afraid to die is somehow suicidal
And I spend a lot time in my head tryna fight it
f**k it, I ain't keeping secrets to myself
What's the problem? I've been worried about my health, my obsessive order
Worried I'ma never prove everybody else wrong
That I can do the sh*t I want, f**k following orders
Worried that I'm just a joke stuck wallowing off
My depressive mindset just wanna let go
And I'm tired of the fact it's hard trying to fix artists, so I'm off this
This is me, isn't this what you wanted?
So I thought, and I'm lost, tell where is you goin'?
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