The Stupendium


[Verse 1: The Stupendium]
They call me Spyro
I'm on a quest to
Hunt and find those dragons to rescue
Got any advice for the battle I'm left to?
Find dragons first, that's all I can tell you
From Artisan Lands to the sands of the Avalar
I've got a few new tyrants to sabotage
Raidin' the fortress, slaying the sorceress
Flamin' the Gnorcs in a scorched marked abattoir
See those gems, oh so lovely
Free my friends, guess you want some of these
Spyro, mind those crypto currencies
I'm kinda fighting Ripto currently
Classic restored like Crash but with horns
With Byrd on the bass we'll be smashing the scores
And what about Gnasty Gnorc?
I'll blast him, eat him with a plastic fork

[Pre-Chorus: The Stupendium]
Looks like I've got work to do
Scaled up in purple hues
The hottest dragon protagonist since my first debut
So you had best be excited
We're due to get reignited
So find a ewe and then light it
Let's make some barbecue
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