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Juice WRLD

"Lost My Mind (Freestyle)"

You know, sometimes you gotta put that gun down (Right?)
And pick that pen up (Right?)
And show these motherf*ckers what's up (Right?)
If you try me, I'll still kill your ass though

[Verse 1]
Lost my mind a couple weeks ago (I'm crazy!)
Ooh, I'ma get to tweakin', ho (Grrrah!)
f*ck around, I leave you leakin', ho (For real)
I ain't talking 'bout shootin', I throw them hands and knock you down (Ha!)
And that's just how I live (Yeah)
We'll run through your crib
And that's how it is (Yeah)
I ain't never gave no f*ck, I ain't never gave no sh*t (Right)
I'm in arenas f*ck, screaming "f*ck the world" in this b*tch
I say my name is JuiceTheKidd (What else)
Freestylin' on this sh*t (What else)
I be swimmin' through that pus*y
Freestylin' in yo' b*tch (b*tch)
Got a problem? Come and get it, 'cause I swear I'm finna fix it
I'm a motherf*ckin' magician, I make n*ggas go missin'
I swear I see these visions (Huh)
I been ballin' like a Piston (I swish)
Leave that bullsh*t on the side, like you benching Scottie Pippen (Sit down)
And you know I'm finna get it
I'll be rippin out they inners (Yeah)
60 seconds, 60 shots, have em' dead in a minute (He gone)
And I ain't shoot sh*t, but I know n*ggas that'll kill (Bow)
No fresh Prince, b*tch, but put the sh*t in your will (For real)
It's a freestyle for real, I ain't write sh*t for real (Yeah, yeah)
I'm the sh*t out the ass, I'm getting wiped, sh*t for real (Ugh)
That's how I f*ckin' feel (Yeah)
I pop em' like a molly, sh*t, like I f*ck with pills (Rolling)
I roll em' like the Swisher
No Loud Pack (Huh)
You n*ggas know you ain't bout that (At all)
I promise you that I'ma keep it real (For real)
But first and foremost, I gotta keep this sh*t trill (For real)
Tell you how I feel (For real)
I keep it a hunnid
And you know I got you running, track
When them bullets coming

You saying, I won't shoot sh*t though
On some real sh*t, I don't
But, my n*ggas'll leave your ass in the damn dirt
On my momma
I'm f*ckin' crazy
I lost my f*ckin' mind, I really did!

[Verse 2]
Now it's getting trill
For real
Servin' this sh*t, no Happy Meal
f*ck how you feel, f*ck all your feelings, we run in this, building, the weapons concealed and they makin' the killin'
It's funny how n*ggas just killed to make them a living
Every day, I pray to Lord for their forgiveness (I need it!)
Think I need to win this, you think that I'm kidding then taste on that Smith I swear I'm that n*gga, I swear I'm enigma
Shoot for the stars, got my hand on that trigger
Talkin' that sh*t, that's okay, I'ma get em'
Told you my n*ggas be in it for real
It's a drill, we be monkeying with these gorillas (Apes)
'Cause life is a jungle (Yeah!)
I know I got talent, but b*tch, it's a balance, I'm feeling so humble (I'm so f*ckin' confident!)
These n*ggas say that they got stacks, I'm running around 'till they fumble (Huh?)
I swear, not today, n*gga, no Mutombo (Get out my house!)
All of my n*ggas be in it for real (Yeah)
Don't give a f*ck how you feel (Yeah)
Talking that sh*t, you get killed (Yeah)
Whip out the gun, b*tch, I'ma beat you to death
Crazy, I told you I'm not stable, I'm not still
Freestylin' off this dome, I make hits, and then break hits (Yeah)
All my n*ggas be too gone
pus*y n*gga, can't f*ck with me (At all!)
Roll em' up, and I light em' up, and then ash his ass
Sour D, that's strong (yeah)
I want my money like Monopoly, I want my mansion like Metropolis (Woo, woo!)
And ain't another n*gga toppin' this
And ain't another n*gga stoppin' this (At all)
Your girl is slobbin' on my hockey stick (God damn)
I swear to god she wanna kick it, but I told her I was never on no soccer sh*t (At all)
She givin' brain just like a graduate (God damn)
My cash, it gambles like some poker chips (Whoo!)
I swear to God my middle finger's up, screaming "f*ck you and your damn associates" (f*ck 'em)
It's over with

f*ck you!
I just freestyled on that b*tch
I'm f*ckin' crazy, man
JuiceTheKidd mixtape coming out soon
f*ck, f*ck yeah
I'm f*ckin' crazy

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