Juice WRLD


I been living fast, fast, fast, fast
Feeling really bad, bad, bad, bad
Time really moves fast, fast, fast, fast
Better hurry up and get in your bag, bag, bag, bag
I wear Dior, not a fad, 'ad, ’ad, 'ad
I know all these n***as gettin' mad, mad, mad, mad
My hand on my trigger, I’ma die for respect, yeah
f**king with my money, you'll get dealt like that, yeah

[Verse 1]
I took too many pills, countin' up the bills, uh
Molly in my cup, I can't tell you how I feel, uh
Oh, last call
Oh-oh, it's gnarly
Every day I be counting up, counting up the blues
Gotta win sometimes when you always lose
I get high as a b*t*h, still the same dude
I was back then, but now I'm lost and confused

I ain't see it coming
I ain't see it coming
But it still came
I’m talkin’ 'bout life, ayy (Talkin’ 'bout life)

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