Juice WRLD


[Intro: Juice WRLD]
It's funny, the sh*t I put on this song ain’t gon' sound nothin' like the sh*t we was just doin’
Oh, yeah
I just want bad b*t*hes
Baddest, them b*t*hes is the baddest, uh, uh
When I take the molly, I'm a savage
Uh, I say, uh

[Chorus: Juice WRLD]
I don't need no molly to be savage, uh
When I'm on that molly, I feel savage, uh, uh

She the definition of a bad b*t*h
Stole her, I'm the definition of a bandit, uh, ayy

I don't need no molly to be savage, uh, ayy
But when I'm on the molly, I feel savage

Ayy, my girl the definition of a bad b*t*h
Stole her heart, I'm the definition of a bandit

[Verse 1: Juice WRLD]
Put the Percs down and picked up the jiggas, jiggas, jiggas
Tommy in the f**king Tommy Hilfiger, ’figer, ’figer
That Tommy hit a n***a, Tommy Hilfiger, f**k n***as

I'm nice, when I’m high off the pills, I'ma f**k with her
I don't smoke skunk, but tonight I'm getting stuck, n***a
Pour the codeine up and put some molly in the cup with it
I know she a freak, uh-huh, she gon’ f**k with it
She my velcro, uh-huh, guess I'm stuck with her
I dive in it like a sailor, I love to nail her
Addicted to her paraphernalia, I had to tell her
I see it like a fortune teller
Your ex-n***a did good, I could do better
Bad b*t*h from the woods, I think she a hunter
She a killer and an eater, she a Jeffrey Dahmer
I can tell when she in her feelings, I can read her like a book
No TEC, no Beretta, FN on me, am I understood?
Yeah, yeah, yeah
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