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Juice WRLD


*Lyrics From Snippet*

[Verse 1: Juice WRLD]
...Now he know mob in the chimney
You say you want smoke and I've been coming down the chimney
You can't find me 'cause you vicious
I'm so fried and they crispy
I had on Margiela's when I shined at the cut
I like you on wine, they gon' smoke it like a blunt (Woo)
I'm just keeping it real with ya, I'm just being blunt
Post around, we got the pipes in the back like a stunt

[Chorus: Juice WRLD]
What do we say? (Skrt, skrt) That's the sound of the Benz
I keep me the vest, I keep me a test
I read your messages (Yeah), I bust on her chest
I made a mess, I hope for the best, ayy
Roll up your chest, ayy, I get the best, ayy
I get the neck, to the check

[Verse 2: Juice WRLD]
They like, ayy, Will Smith and Mark Lawrence, I'm a bad boy
Want to get off my ass and get to the cash
Ain't get in my bag, boy
Please don't think it's sweet, I stay with the heat
Even though I'm a sad boy
You better watch the way you move around me
Better grab me last ward

[Bridge: Juice WRLD]
I- I've been drinking red, red boy
I've been trapping all these birds, mud...

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