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Juice WRLD

"Crossing The Line"

b*t*h, you're crossing the line
You're out of line
This little heart of mine, mine, mine
Won't let it break tonight, night, night
Crossing the line
Ending my life
This little soul of mine, mine, mine
Pray you won't take it tonight, night, night

[Verse 1]
Yeah, ayy
I know that you don't love me for me, it's the money (Yeah)
I know that you don't want me for me, kinda funny, funny, funny
Ain't you the same b*t*h that was talkin' about me?
Now you love me, love me
Wanna f**k me, suck me, touch me
Too bad, I think you're so ugly, ayy
It's funny how things turn out when you got money
From nothing to something
These b*t*hes be coming
It's hard not to fall in love, I'm trying
Rip my heart out my chest, I'm dying
Here goes some advice a man once told me
Love them and leave, that's all you need
Their heart is yours, you play for keeps
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