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Juice WRLD

"New Finesse"

[Intro: ?]
Ayy, [?] (Purchase your tracks today), look, ayy

[Chorus: ?]
New finesse, new finesse
New finesse, new (Ayy)
One finesse, two finesse, we finesse you
New finesse, new finesse
New finesse, new (Ayy)
One finesse, ayy, two finesse, okay

[Verse 1: ?]
Bro said he's back in the hood
And he got MACs in the back of his hood
Pillow talking you get snatched in the hood
f**k around and get dragged to the back of the woods
Killers lurking, murking, searching for danger
You step out your place, get put back where you should
Me and Juice taking plugs out the socket
They trapped in the trap like bear traps in the woods
And that's cool
I'm doing this sh*t that my momma don't know
The plug hit my line, he got drugs for the low
But I rob em [?] I just hope it don't show
Juice got the juice but the gun with him too
If you flinch one more time, then he might let it go
Plug meet me up, i just act like its nothing
Juice hop out, he clutching the thing at his throat
[?] on the floor
We gon run it back, ain't talking bout m's on my n***a, we [?]
Man I got bars like a [?], like a gate, like a prison
My n***a you already know
Bar after bar, I got bars in narcotics
If you need 'em, just hit me, just don't call my phone
Meet me in person, put n***as in hearses
Them boss is like mad at them, b*t*hes too strong, ayy
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