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Juice WRLD


(808 Mafia)
Float over my demons
I stay scheming
Tryna find a meaning
I've been dreaming
Purple got me leaning
Wow, wow
Ok, huh

Float over my demons (Okay)
I've been scheming (Okay)
Tryna find a meaning, the purple got me leaning (Okay)
The devil's tryna take my peace, I ain't going (Okay)
Say you tryna baptise me and I know it (Know it)
Still I gotta remain focused (Okay)
Life is a ocean, yeah, that's why I'm floating (Okay)
Sometimes, sometimes we can't help but sink in (Okay)
I've been tryna live my life, everyday's the weekend

Diving in the deep end, prescriptions my best friend
And this girl named Lotti is my girlfriend
Getting f**ked up, drugs got me in a whirlwind
They say life is a b*t*h, mine just started twerking
Yeah, go through hell, I'm gon' buy new Chanel
Just to numb all the pain, get designer on my face
Okay yeah, go through hell
Throwin' quarters in wishing wells
Wish me well, I've been frank for about a day
I can't help but go astray
They say life is a maze
Mine is a death race
But I ain't dyin' in a day
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