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Juice WRLD

"On The Run (Blood On My Jeans Demo)"

[Intro: Juice WRLD]
Damn, I tried to stop, oh (Ooh)
(808 Mafia)
Baby (Baby), baby (Baby)
Baby (You literally are my everything, yeah)
Ha (Baby)

[Chorus: Juice WRLD]
Baby, I've been on the run (Yeah)
But I would never run from your love
If you feel on my d**k (Yeah), there's a gun (Uh)
Not right there, just a little above (Uh)
I value my relationship, it's forever
But I've been cheatin' on the drugs (Yeah)
Broke up with codeine, need a new plug (Yeah)
And them hot rod pockets I need two of 'em (Yeah)
Huh, lean (Yeah, yeah)
Put Biscotti in my lungs
I'm smokin' green
Chopper on me, I don't talk, I just up the beam (Bow, bow, ba-ba-bow)
Huh, let my gun bust a nut then leave (Yeah)
I ain't leave a clue on the scene (Uh-uh)
Close range so I got blood on my jeans (Uh)
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