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Juice WRLD

"Juice WRLD - Einer Bankz Freestyle"

(Verse 1)
b*t*h you my favorite
Lucid Dreams eight times platinum on the playlist
She like "You took a heart then you gave it back cause f**k is you sayin"
(Rhyme the whole way)
Rhyme the whole way
Rhyme the whole way
Thirty in the forty pull it out and make a pu**y put his gun away (away)
Forty pull it out and make a n***a put his gun away
Yeah, yeah, yeah
The master of that, they call us the masters of rap
They call me the master of rock
I know b*t*h, you really need to stop
Bad b*t*h prolly' sucking on my c*ck
Good music, turn it up a notch
Good weed, we roll it up to pot
Bad hoes wanna pull up to the spot
I know, but you gotta let go
My homie f**ks, you fell in love
b*t*h you gotta' let go
b*t*h we gotta' [?]
f**k her, she got to go
Put my d**k in your hoe, I ain't say so
I'ma let him pass, go ahead, go ahead pass
Aw, they ain't even catch nothing
Choppa' hit yo' head like a snapback
I said one thing, they giving me backlash
Hoes wanna be hoes, cool that's facts
Uh, uh, uh, uh
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