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Juice WRLD


DY definitely Krazy

Abandon all ships, it's about to go down
No Titanic (Titanic)

There's a lot going on in my head right now
But I manage (Yeah, I manage)
Good heart, good soul, both been in bad hands
I could deal damage (Yeah, real damage)
Both hands in the air as I scream out prayers
My demons show their face in the midnight air

[Verse 1]
Just got a new house, gotta hide the skeletons in the closet
And keep 'em there, really tryna forget about 'em
They tell me God watchin' over me, I don't doubt it
But I can see Him gettin' tired of me sinnin' and wildin'
Don't know what to do with myself these days
Young rich n***a, I done fell in love with the bank
But all this money don't rid me of my pain
But everywhere I go, I could make it precipitate, rain

f**ked up (f**ked up), I did (I did)
f**ked up (f**ked up), I am (I am)
Calm down, I can't
sh*t, here we go again
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