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Juice WRLD

"Keep It*"

Lyrics from Snippet

Can I tell you a secret?
If I give you my heart then you can keep it
[?] was a druggy, now I'm fiendin'
I'm an addict, I'm a addict, girl, I need it
Girl, keep it
If I give you my heart, you better keep it
Girl, keep it
If I give you my heart, you better keep it

Butterflies when your on my mind, I can't breathe well
In the night, you ain't by my side, I can't sleep well
[?] is gettin' [?]
[?] FaceTime, [?]

[?] help me [?]
My anxiety had me [?], but girl you help me sit still
You the only [?]
Runnin' to these hearts [?], you know how this sh*t feel
[?] for me, n***as that'll die for me
Girl I know you'll ride for me, you would homicide for me
[?] meet me at the [?] way, [?] bay
Let's go back to my place, [?]
[?] in the doorway, [?] the hallway
I'ma let you go 'cause [?], because you can have my heart, ayy
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