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Juice WRLD

"Oh My Oh My"

Oh my, oh my, oh my, haha
Oh my, oh my
Oh my, oh my

[Verse 1]
Now it's back to my old flow
n***as talkin' that sh*t 'til I c*ck a .44
Damn right I keep a shorty, that's a snub nose
Have the Glock sneezin' like it got a bad cold
Woah, and that's word from the realest
n***as talkin' stupid but they know I'm the trillest
Run up on a n***a, boy, I turn to the trillest
Got the burner in my hand and I ain't afraid to pull it
Woah, woah, real sh*t on the mic
Talkin' that sh*t, then I'm comin' for your life
Prolly kill you, then put my d**k in your wife
I might f**k on her once, then I f**k on her twice
Real n***a speakin', that mean "Shut the f**k up"
Four leaf clover on my Glock, got it lucked up
n***as wanna take my life, so it's tucked up
Let a n***a try me, I let that MAC bust
Real sh*t, I drill sh*t, I kill sh*t
I pop pills 'til I don't feel sh*t, I'm in my prime

Oh my, oh my, oh my, haha
You know how that go (Ayy)
You know how that go (You know how that go)
You know how that go
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