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Juice WRLD


O.K. Let's skate
Bad b*t*h finna come my way
Going 90 when I'm on the Highway
Can't go high without the high aye
Everyday I wake up smoke another gram
Ion give a f**k nor another damn
I'm smokin' the kush from the Hoover Dam
Ima let these b*t*hes know who I am
I can make whole songs without messin up
Gotta fess up, I feel like I'm next up
Bad lil b*t*h in the car named Vanessa
She's a flexa and a sexta
Yeah, aye, sext her and finesse her
Then it's next yuh, then it's next yuh
Bow flex from the way sh*t work out
Choppa leave a n***a shaking like it's twerk out
Tyson, I may knock his lights out
Like I said shawty strapped she tryna dyke now
Run up on me talkin sh*t you wanna die now
Choppa workin kinda like a 9 to 5 now
Switch the flow up
Drinking Henny with the lean, til I throw up
Almost spent 2k on a bottle of some Henny
Ion even drink that heavy, what the f**k gotten in me
Tote'n on the semi
Hardaway when I'm ballin these n***as comparin me to penny
Spare change? hell nah keep the pennies
Ballin hard f**k a jersey need a penny
Caught a fat n***a lacking he was up at Denny's
He don't want smoke but we got plenty
I'm on bullsh*t like Chicago, no Benny
I'm in London gettin it jumpin
Run up on me and I'm uppin the .40, it ain't nothin
All of my n***as be makin this money, no assumption
I goin f**k the bacon til that horny b*t*h c*mmin
Watch a n***a vomit
Like I said my momma really think that I'm demonic
Mom let's be honest
It's money in my pockets
I feel like a angel with these devil horns stop it
You don't want no problems
Like Wayne said cool what's a goon to a goblin
What's a god without a goddess, so I need me a goddess
f**k being humble sh*t I'm done being modest
Nah I'm playin, all this sh*t a blessin
Catch this chopper into yo intestines
Mic check 1-2 testin
Pull up on the scene slim wrestlin
Me and Westwood straight flexin
I just may drop a hundred on a necklace
I just may drop a hundred on my next b*t*h
Flexin on the X b*t*h
Uh, I do that in private
My gun a librarian that b*t*h came with a silencer
Yes I'm for the violence
I still want peace tho
Yes I got a girlfriend these n***as do hoes
Pull up on the scene like kick sh*t like Judo
I'm the type-
(That beat hard, I ain't never really listen to instrumentals, like you know like the instrumentals of the songs and sh*t? These b*t*hes be hard)
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