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Juice WRLD

"Another Thing To Do It*"

Lyrics from Snippet

Double cup when I-

[Verse 1]
Double cup when I wake up
Activist in my double cup
Pop a [?] when I wake up
Smokin' exotic flavors
I tote the shotty, I don't blow the shotty
Then I walk around like I don't know nobody
All these famous groupies sittin' in the lobby
Got a girlfriend, sorry, I ain't sorry
I ain't come to kick it, with any of these b*t*hes
This money I been gettin', uh
f**k a [?], I blow 'em away
b*t*h, I'm a [?], I been gettin' older and better than all of these n***as, I'm bustin'
If it's a problem, my n***as will clutch it
Plenty n***as, they will shoot up the function
Top of the line, I got my hand on my nine
b*t*h, I'ma die by mine
I was told life was about elevations, just pick you a ladder and start up to climb
Can't be afraid to take risk after risk, gamble chip after chip, tryna stay on the grind
I was in the kitchen, cook grits, but they weren't really grits, they were bricks, ma, I'm sorry, I lied
I'll make it up to you, that's for sure
Buy my mom a car, she listen to my sh*t whilst she drive
I owe her the world, if you disrespect her, you gotta die
Same with my girl, diamonds make you twinkle like a [?]
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