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Juice WRLD

"Forever (Version 2)"

[Intro: Juice WRLD & Yuna]
I kill you
I got my n***as David and Brandon in the booth with me, haha, yeah
(Forever in my mind, only you)
And me and Pedro finna make this hit, haha, yeah
(The pieces in my life, go away with you)
(Forever in my mind)

[Verse 1: Juice WRLD & Yuna]
Here we go, call you Mrs. Miracle
Beautiful, I say this all the time, but girl, you beautiful
Gorgeous, and I hope you know that I'ma make this Forbes list
And I hope you know that you gon' be my number one supporter (Forever in my—)
Me and you finesse together
I see you makin' money and I see you spendin' fifties, yeah, I see you spendin' hundreds
You make it rain on these hoes, I'ma bring the thunder
I'm finna ball on these hoes like I'm on the Thunders
Ain't no fuss around, ain't tryna f**k around
Was poppin' Xanax to forget about my ex
I would take 'em down with Actavis to get up out that stress
Now I'm thinkin' 'bout them diamonds I'ma put around your neck, that's real
I was too busy countin' the upsets
Now I'm lookin' in the future, prepare for what's next
I seen an angel in the sky and I'm screamin' "Oh, what's that?"
You that angel in the sky and you—
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