Juice WRLD

"’Till My Heart Stops (TMHS)"

Listening to White Wine
Cash flow
f**k about the past hoe
f**k about her past hoes I'm past those

Sippin' till my heart stop and my jaw lock
I just made her jaw drop from a backshot
I ain't feelin' no love I need more love
More drugs need a new plug
I can't stop myself from going down this road
I need a jacket ain't know it was this cold
Love me when the times right
Codeine on my timeline sleeping on her timeline

[Verse 1]
Sipping too much
All these f**kin' posers, imitators on my timeline
Cross my heart and hope to die been praying for a flatline
Percocet withdrawals make me realize what it feel like

Lately, I've been in my feelings listening to White Wine
Sad souls with some cash flow
Never gave a f**k about the past no
Never gave a f**k about her past hoes I'm past those
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