Juice WRLD

"Off Your Mind*"

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[Intro: Valee]
ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney

[Verse: Juice WRLD]
Bobby brown, spent in the [?]
Lean got me moving slow [?]
f**k her off the perky hit a [?]
Spend my money 'cause I finna make it back
ChaseTheMoney he put juice in all his tracks
On that b*t*h I probably refill her trash

[Verse: MadeinTYO & Juice WRLD]
Running get that sh*t up off your mind (Off your mind)
Sold out shows I don't wait in...
Popping perkys all the time (All the time)
Got my bag up n***as thought that I was [?] (Yeah, line)
Ambush thirty, I got tats on my arm
Yeah they tryna steal the sauce that a n***a on
n***as want my b*t*h I guess that's when you know I'm on
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