Untitled Freestyle (2017) lyrics

Juice WRLD

b*t*h on my d**k, she gon' suck me (Wow)
Bad little bitty gon' f**k me (Wow)
All of these b*t*hes be pretty (Wow)
I cannot f**k with the ugglys (Wow)
Smokin' that gas like it's [?] (Huh)
b*t*h, i'm too pretty, don't touch me (Ayy)
Off a syryp i cannot [?] (Yeah)
Run up on me, then i [?] (Yeah)
All of my n***as be murkin', hey
b*t*h, i look pretty [?] (hahaha)
I get [?] b*t*h, huh
Yeah, 'cause i'm really deserve it, hey
Up in a 'rarri, i'm swervin', hey
Ballin' like Kyrie, no Irving, hey
f**kin' that b*t*h from the back while i c*m up on a second
They really ain't nothing
Talkin' stupid 'til i [?]
All these n***as, talkin' stupid, it's nothing
All these n***as, thеy be pushing, they bluffin'
Run up on 'em, thеy get [?] like a [?]
n***a [?] like a mothef**kin' [?], ayy
Run up on me and [?] them, ayy
That's real sh*t, that's real sh*t, that's real sh*t [?]
I got lean like the [?] off a pesos

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