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Das Racist

"The Actual"

[Hook: Das Racist] x2
Peep the architecture, think about your father
Peep the father figures, take a lot of pictures
It lasts longer
But what lasts longer than that? The actual

[Verse 1: Kool A.D.]
Game supernatural, Ouija
The kid too clean, squeaky
Windshield squeegee, see me?
Y'all think it's joke, joke, hehe
But it's inevitable, like, dagger in a bro pee-pee
Spoke freely to see how the folks feel me
I don't even know the real me
So what makes you think you know the deal, b, feel me?
I'm not really concerned with the concerns
Of the people who can't even discern my concerns
I turn my concerns into words I could earn a couple curds and whey with
Told I got a way with words, but it doesn't take much, I just say sh*t
Half my ancestors was stuck on a slave ship
The plan was, rob every label with the same clip
I know it sounds basic to some
But what's basic to some, to some others is actual
Peep the factual, professional sabbatical taker
I'm a Laker, a cake-baker, a money-maker
A funny-joker, a dummy-smoker
A global village idiot, killin' it
Tell me if you feelin' it


[Verse 2: Heems]
Yo, think about your momma
Think about the drama
Think about the llamas
Think about the commas
That's the pause, the silence
The cause of violence
And in Queens, the kids ain't sippin' lean
They fiend, forever wean from a bag that's plasticine
And pass the green and stack the cream
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera
Cash rule everything around everyone
Plenty guns, anyone could become anyone
Heem is special, get ahead with the rhyme
And put his pants on two legs at a time
At the bodega they play la mega Cormega
Everyone's spanish like Vega
New York is a hell of a town

[Hook: Das Racist/Talib Kweli] x2

[Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
Yo, abra kadabra magical, respect, unilateral
Universal magnetic, automatically attractin' you
These rapper dudes, mad are emotional or irrational
Use it motivation, they convergin' on the capital
International travel, unfurl and unravel my flag
I put it down year-round, check the calendar
The places I've never been I'm tryin' to get to
God the pilot, I'm the passenger
Whip it through the African diaspora
Followin' navigation like nations to a degree
Like a doctor or when I'm rockin', the education is key
Swallowin' medications like patients to a degree
Like a doctor give remedies, except the doctor is me
Uppers and downers help us to cope with the stuff around us
To drown us and get to livin' from over and under counters
I'm overdosin' on life, rollin' in the natural black
And only deal with actual facts, yeah

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