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"BTS - 좋아요 (I Like It) (English Translation)"

[Intro: Jungkook]
Wanna be loved…

[Chorus: Jungkook]
Don’t wanna be fool wanna be cool
Wanna be loved same love as you
Baby I want it

[Verse 1: RM]
On every picture you post
A guy I've never seen before likes it... Who is he?
Oh right I'm not your boyfriend anymore
I somehow naturally typed out your phone number
But calling or texting you is like losing
If I don't say anything
I don't think you'll even care about me
Why isn't there a dislike button
I don't like becoming one of those thirty likes from here and likes from there
Saying "let's meet up once" and "oh why are you so pretty"
Uh f**k that all stupid b*******s
You're not even mine anymore but why do I feel like you're being taken away
Haha you're living fine without me
I don't wanna see it so stop partying so hard
I swallow the curses that rose up to my throat
And again today I press the like button, sh*t
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