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Genius Translations

"T4SA (English Translation)"

I'm gonna steal everything from you
In this hot war
Believe it or not
You’ll be so scared, you won't be able to open your eyes
All you who are stepping back, I'm already here
This nauseating feeling
You got a problem with this atmosphere?
Even if I don’t ask
You'll definitely feel it
Close your eyes
Time 4 Sum Action (T4SA)

It is Time 4 Sum Action
This isn't an auction
There's no time to hesitate
People who are ahead have left behind footprints
But the few who reek of money
They come out on TV and yell
Hip-hop, hip-hop, with all their strength
But it's just noise
Just spitting out similar raps
They're just insects, insects, insects
They can't nod their heads so they shake it
Side to side, side to side, side to side
They say it's a diss but they don’t actually talk
They’re just biting down on rags, rags, rags
Is it a trend? Is it a culture? They don't know for sure
Hip-hop since you were born? Yeah I’m sure you were born with it1
Time 4 Sum Action
Hip-hop with 0 calories, 0 nutrition
Their wallets are open but they're sick to their stomachs
But they're still gluttonous
You Rap Trap No Boom Bap
You're a mummy with no bandages
A while since you’ve died and rotted away
I'm like kimchi fermented in a jar
I can breathe in the darkness
Yeah, b*tches Check Ma depth

Time 4 Sum Act, Time 4 Sum Act
Time 4 Sum Action (Time 4 Sum Aksion) (x4)

Whoever it is, this beat will electrify them
Just with that alone, you can interact with each other
I can enjoy this so f*ck Edison
I got Tesla flow to shine on my happiness
Follow me, buckle up, vroom
What moves me starts with Meta hyung's calling
Freeze, frozen words explode into rhythm, boom
I'm watching yet another battle of the stars
Because rap clones are overflowing?
Childish thieves like history repeating
You can cut off your ears cuz you don't wanna listen but you never be a Van Gogh
You can spit out rap but then rap will spit you out
Stop stepping back now, Time 4 Sum Action' (x2)

Time 4 Sum Act, Time 4 Sum Act
Time 4 Sum Action (Time 4 Sum Aksion) x4

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