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"Joyner Lucas - What If I Was Gay ft. Eminem (中文翻译/Chinese Translation)"

[Verse 1: Joyner Lucas]
What if I told you that I was different?
如果我告诉你 我和你们不同
What if I told you that something's missin'?
如果我告诉你 有些东西已经不再
And what if I told you we're not alike
如果我告诉你 我们不一样
And the way that I feel inside is different than what you picture
What if I told you I feel divided?
如果我告诉你 我感觉无法融入
Keep to myself and I'm awfully quiet
总是一个人独处 总是很安静
And what if I told you I been conflicted by my own thoughts
如果我告诉你 我被我自己的念头所扰
Trapped in the dark, and I tried to hide it
困在黑暗中 尝试掩盖住它
No, I'm not a slave to no f**kin' fairy tale
不 这不是什么童话故事
I bet you think that you know me very well
我猜 你肯定觉得你很懂我
Make no mistake, this is not a cry for help
别搞错了 我不是在求你帮我
'Cause I don't owe no one no explanation on how I feel
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