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"Самое большое простое число (SBPCH) - Динозавр (Dinosaur)"

Until some time ago, I wasn't interested in dinosaurs much
The same as overall I wasn't interested in anything much
It's like when I saw you, the pulsation on my carotid artery was completely gone
Like when I was looking at the white noise of a sports channel
Like when I could not tell a difference between a pachycelaphosaurus and the simplest triceratops
Like when the first time I heard the breathing of Cheyne-Stokes
Like when I imagined these wonderful ankles and collarbone
Like when Sherlock Holmes finally showed his jiu-jitsu skills in volume 3
Like when the first time the feeling of green came to me
Like when I could only sleep on my side because of the spikes on my back
Like when I realized there's nothing more simple than the largest prime number
Then you explained to me that life is even simpler and tougher

Life is tougher than anything anybody on 35-millimeters have shot
Life is tougher than you expected when you were little
I don't have enough power to soften it
Life is tougher, yeah, right, life is tougher

Went to the supermarket with my friends cleanse myself fully
And there, during the meaningless wandering, a sense of green came upon me
I seemed to myself like a huge tyrannosaurus
I looked around and went smashing the department store
I felt a rare rush of strength in my stomach
A paw with four claws was destroying the stands
I've bitten off the four-year-old kid's head in a blink
It's a pity I couldn't eat the father - he ran away as fast as he could
Ten minutes later, woke up with my head on the floor
No one was around, I took a jar of green peas and left
On the house across the street, neatly written in white on blue, I read
"Whatever you do, you're doomed."
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