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"Самое большое простое число (SBPCH) - Сон (Dream)"

There are not enough days like these for everyone
There are not enough days like these for everyone
There are not enough days like these for everyone
But you and I got some

This is for you, for nothing at all
This is for you, just like that
It's just like you won the lotto
It's like you found a quarter
Just like that

There are things impossible to hide
And that's one of them:
My main enemy is my bed
And I'm the king of confusion

I have this ability to dream others' dreams
I've seen things and survived:
I was running away from the monster with red eyes
I was trying to stop, my legs were running on their own
I'm back in my nursery, everything's upside down
The Beatles' poster has five of them on it for some reason
I'm on the edge of the ledge, stepped in and flew
I'm lying on the asphalt, chalk draws the contour
I got lost in the crowd, rows of identical backs
Everybody's in pairs and I'm the only one alone
There are mountains of candies around, Cola fountains are flowing
Everyone is in carnival costumes, I'm naked
I open the doors one by one, I throw in a grenade, I go into the last fight
I went into the ring, there were dwarf fights
But for the last year, I've been dreaming only your dreams
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