Renee Reed - Drunken Widow’s Waltz lyrics

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They said i made a big mistake
And that i will look like a malheureuse
But i am so happy
Just like a little pig
And i have all the love that i need

And perhaps one day i'll be the widow
But i’m telling you that i will never be afraid
I am going to play, have fun
I will never forget you
And your life is always in my heart

And when you see me as an old lady
Every day you will see my big happy tears
With my guette and my ponce
With all my kids
And hope and peace in my soul

I'm here on my porch in the sun
I don't know at all where i’m going to go
I will smoke and i will drink
Like poppop and mommom
For always, they will live on in my mind

And it's true that i don't like everybody
But they can all come to my grave
Because i know that
If i don't invite them
They will come anyway

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