"Tap In"

[Intro: Too $hort]
Don't ever stop if you want to be on top, b*t*h

Lil' waist, fat ass, b*t*h, tap in
Tap, tap, tap in
Diamonds dancin' on your neck, n***a, tap in
Tap, tap, tap in
f**k a n***a, get rich, b*t*h, tap in
Tap, tap, tap in
M-O-B, Icy Gang, n***a, tap in (Hm)
Tap, tap, tap in (Ayy)

[Verse 1]
Wrist on glitter (Ayy), waist on thinner (Ayy)
I'ma show you how to bag a eight-figure n***a (Hoo)
Face on zaddy (Sheesh), pockets on Jigga (Hoo)
You better get the card and make it swipe like Tinder (Phew)
Private villa and the fur chinchilla (Ha)
When he post me, all the hoes get sicker (Blah)
f**kboy killer, I don't need fillers (Nope)
Never been a lame so the real b*t*hes feel it (Yeah)
Daddy on the FaceTime, you could never take mine
End up on the Dateline, uh, uh, uh (b*t*h)
Rich with no day job, b*t*h, hit your wop, wop
Always on the court side, uh-huh, huh
B-B-Billionaire n***as wanna eat me out (Hahaha)
b*t*h, I'm from the West Coast, they wanna go down South
All these lame ass n***as tryna f**k for clout
Hm, I won't let him hit but he can put it in his mouth
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