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"Lemon Pepper"

[Verse 1: CupcakKe]
I want my pu**y hole stretched like the hoops on New New
Open up the box like a n***a got new shoes
You want that foreplay, so I'm dressed in tutus
And the pu**y so tight, feel like you're f**king a Froot Loop
I get up on the d**k, do a split, then ride slow
Mouth stuffed with meat like I just ate a gyro
This ain't my Lil Baby but I'm with him like Ralo
I'm just milking this n***a
This a full-blown cow show
I don't let 'em run trains but I let 'em pull my tracks
Do it doggy style while I eat some Scooby Snacks
Might take a nap, make him eat it from the back
Said he don't do drugs but his tongue in my crack (aye)
Let a d**k hop, call Mona
Legs boutta spread like Corona'
p*ss all in his face he get a boner (Ssss)
Lookin' like the Simpsons now he Homer
Dog ass n***a, crib like vacation
He own so many spots, he 101 Dalmation
Yeah, he got a b*t*h, who give a f**k if he taken?
He about to risk it all, no bracelet
I'm rubbin' on my pu**y while he lickin' my tits (yes!)
Dine in the pu**y like you at Ruth Chris (yeah!)
I'll make you disappear but I'm creating a b*t*h
He callin' 9-1-1 reporting his missing d**k
And I almost got evicted cause you know my walls tight
Neighbors heard me yelling, "Daddy f**k me all night!"
50k up in the mall, nah we don't ball like
Designer everything b*t*h, even my c*m Off-White
I suck his d**k, he look down telling me I'm great
Eight rounds, turn a b*t*h throat to Kate Plus Eight
I put the balls in my mouth
I'm like hold up, wait
Man this ain't how this sh*t 'sposed to taste!
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