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"Bussin 2.0"

Bussin' (Bussin')
Back by popular demand
b*t*h, I'm bussin' (Money)
Ice cold in this b*t*h
Ice cold in this b*t*h
Tay motherf**kin' Money (Bust)

[Verse 1: Tay Money]
Don't ask me for nothing if we don't be texting (Uh-uh)
Dumb little b*t*h, she want in my section (b*t*h)
I need a crown, and Coke is my preference (For real)
Ass up, face hitting my necklace (Oh)
He not a cop, but I got arrested (Woah)
He sayin' I'm being too reckless (Tay)
I put twenty-sixes on the Lexus (Ayy)
Everything bigger in Texas
My pills ain't pressed, your b*t*h is
Get money and f**k some feelings (What?)
Not personal, it's business
I thought you knew that I did this (Girl)
You can have him, but he licked it (Ah)
Banana, then I split it (See ya)
Talented and gifted (Uh)
I guess the tables shifted
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