Miss Toxic lyrics

Jaxxon D. Silva

Outby16 or dead on the scene but together for f**king ever
Lil' miss toxic
Our ex-queen
She's so (?)
All I dream, stop, (?)
That's okay it's just us two (For some reason)

Lil' miss toxic
So misguided, let's just runaway
I'm tryna get nowhere fast (Aah)
Cause I got no need to escape (For some reason)

[Post Chorus]
There ain't no two ways around me
True story (?)
There ain't no two ways around me
So come closer or get lost

[Verse 1]
Whole new high
Hole in the sky
Most of the memories (?)
I'm sick and tired but I'll be alright
My еyes open wide
Wе're all made to die
I never thought I'd get this far (Ooh)
But I don't mind

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