Shadow (Tokoyami Rap) lyrics


Verse 1: Rustage
I'm back again
Villains in town, I'm attacking them
Knocking them down
Hit the ground
Sound of the last round
Bow when it's at it's end (ay)
It's a crime scene
Pulling back all the curtains
Under cover of night I'll fight
Now that is certain
I foster a shadow that hungers for more
Guess there's a reason there's blood on the floor
Taking a beating
I see you retreating
I'm greeting you heathens
With cuts from my claws (ay)
Bringing the beat back (ay)
Bringing my beak back (ay)
You wanna see that (ay)
Show where my peak at (ay)
I'm going jet black, better get back
Making impact
Unlimited potеntial
You're mental if you don't check that
I wrеck that, expect that
Confess that in combat
I'm on that
Like "Really you thinking you could've won that?"
Unleash the power now I'm on a roll
I'll make you cower, just do what you're told
You're stuck in bronze whilst I go for gold
Feeling unstoppable, losing control
Unbeatable feeling, a limitless ceiling
Appealing, I don't wanna miss
I see it revealing, my inner most being
A demon from deep in abyss

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