Angry Exit lyrics


[Intro: Politicess]
You think you're better than me?!
BOW! Headshot!
I didn't even use scope
Oh, are you gonna cry?
Oh my god he left, let's go!

[Verse 1: Politicess]
Yeah, I'm taking dubs until they rage quit
They endeavoring to be me cause I stay lit
Thinking that we equal, well you know that be some fake sh*t
Todoroki, neither side be the same b*t*h
Caught a homi now I run with the set, b*t*h it's on leg
Hit after hit like it's DPS
We in a fight b*t*h I see no threat
Hit after hit likе it's DPS
Better stay in the loop causе the crew be next
Put more wood in your b*t*h than Neji death
Imma go fill up her hole like we taking tests
She be a goat with the head like Professor X
Morel if you want the smoke, than my goons moving for me
This ain't a toy but it's ending your story
Elfen Lied you ain't gon be alive, cus if you see me walking, then the scene be gory (What else ?!)

[Break 1: Politicess & IAMCHRISCRAIG]
No, like, I'm being f**king deadass like, bro who gonna follow me
Hey Chris you gonna..
Aye, aye
Oh, okay
Come here bro and talk to these people
Why are you yelling?
And tell 'em why we up next
Okay, okay, um..... uh I think were up next because uh, um, uh
Think it's time to level up, I think I done had enough
Leave a pu**y full of holes, like Madoka Magica
Uber fly, people got me feeling like I'm Latias
I'm feeling like Jotaro how my punches come in platinum
Here is what it means, a brother been making hits now
Tryna make a billy, you haters are looking grim now
Keeping double heater, you thinking I'm Death the Kid now
It'll leave a hole in your stomach, shoutout to Grimmjow
Optimus Prime, people be crossing the line, then I get to auto sparking
I aim a red dot at your white T-Shirt, it'll leave a red round like you bought at Target
I'm the hardest, bro's a beast from the lion's den
Giving major pain with six paths of Vicodin
Feel like Eren Jeager, I'm really up on my Titan sh*t
Pull up with the metal, I'm going to end your life with it

[Break 2: IAMCHRISCRAIG & Shwabadi]
Ayo Shwab, I think they still not understand, fam
Idiots man
I think you probably gonna have to knock their heads off
Yeah, yeah
No cap
No cap?
Is it like no cap? I'm...
Yeah, I get it
Alright, Imma shut up and let you do your thing
Bruh, I had forgotten what I was originally going to say, I had this sh*t written down. Where's my notepad?!
[Verse 3: Shwabadi]
They think they can play me, I've been known to make green
And I haven't even leveled up yet, Bayleef
My track stand alone on that Day Z
Even with your whole clan you cannot, faze me
But they hate me it's hard to think
Cuz I've been raising the bar every bar I spit
They've been aiming for mark, but their marksman's sh*t
And I'm Going Merry cuz I'm hard to sink
Like ay, someone come tell him who I am
f**k with the kid, and I'm ending your lifespan
So much drip on me no dry land
Sonning your sensei, I'm really the White Fang
Big brain, Saiki K
Usopp Chopper with the sniper range
See them sleeping on the bear like they hibernate
Vinland with the metal, it's the Iron Age

[Break 4: Shwabadi & Mir Blackwell]
And don't you ever f**king forget about that okay, 1v1 me Krunker
Any night
Blah, Blah, Blah
Any month, snipers only, b*t*h
Wait, n***a I only play Builder. What are you talking about?
He ain't really a Krunker though, he's a f**king liar. Let me get to what I'm bout to do, listen
[Verse 4: Mir Blackwell]
(Okay) God told me make my own Ark like I was Noah
My team finna show up, got a beam on my shoulder
If a n***a want a verse drop a bean like it's Folgers
When my chopper link, I burst he beam like Adolla
Medusa on the chopper turn a Dr. into stone
I'm the new gen Senku watch me pop up with the chrome
Send him back to paradise, he a Sasha he a clone
Godzilla ass n***a I'm a monster when I roam
Someone console that lil n***a, he outta the race just like Sega, I'm masked up like Vega
They see me moving like Vader, pull up with the stick and that sh*t, got a beam like a saber
Walking in the building all that fun stop
I'm an out of pocket monster, kill a n***a like a Nuzlocke
Bagging on the first hoe I see, like a Nuzlocke
Capping all these cappers, I'm Makoto with the gun c*cked

[Break 5: Mir Blackwell & Ty Wild]
Nah I'm for real though, Politicess my n***a, Chris Craig my n***a, Shwabadi my n***a
Yeah word to the gang, yeah
Ty Wild is my..
That's my dawg, here
Get it?
Nah, I get it Mir but they ain't go get though, so I don't really get the point. Word to Mir you my dawg, yeah

[Verse 5: Ty Wild]
Y'all stay pawns while I'm bossed up
Creeping on em blow they block up
Chalk it up to y'all when you chalked up
Lines like I'm chalked up
Popped up with a Sasuke stick
Chop with a beam finna spark they sh*t
Leave yo wig spilt, dying on some cosplay drip
Bon Clay end up with wings for tryna copy all of this
Kakashi I be flippin, got my dawgs up in this b*t*h
We colder than snow angels, putting bodies on cement
Y'all been talking but don't back it up, like I make yo b*t*h do
She begging me to hit it harder like I'm landing criticals
You guessing I done been a barber, how I land a clip on you
You pressed B I been evolved, I'm pinnacle you're pitiful
I'm pitying y'all
Ex chick and my next chick, disappear my d**k like the Infinity Gauntlet
Spit heavy R fetishes, how I sh*t on you, taking the p*ss outta y'all
They prolly talling me pause, but I just tell you it's bars

[Outro: Ty Wild]
Matter fact, y'all can pause b*t*h, y'all can pause the game, quit that sh*t, corrupt your file, uninstall, break your motherf**king computer dawg, y'all trash. Please get out of here, pu**y

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