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A$AP Rocky


[Beat 1]

[Intro: A$AP Rocky & Lil Yachty]
Yo bro I'ma come clean bro
If you gon' put me on the spot at least give a n*gga a heads up
n*gga I ain't have a heads up myself, my God!
You gone put me under the bus while the bus still moving

[Verse 1]
You gone put me under the bus while the bus still moving
How you gon' stop the beat when my raps still grooving?
How you gon' point the finger, f*ck is you doing?
Hows you gon' choose and you ain't no chooser?
How you gon' be snoozin' and you sleepin', bruisin'?
I'm just going in my Jeep, Jeep is cruisin'
I just doze off to sleep, countin' the sheep
Going off to sleep and I be countin' my Zs
All I need to sleep is my beauty rest
Tell that chick that her coochie stretched
All this time I do be blessed
And I deliver like I'm UPS
How y'all know about the boy
Hit 'em with the emergency, need the vitamin C
All these other girls want my vitamin D
In spite of my teeth, I'm smiling so clean
Like how I gleam, she like how I seem
Tell her that, man she can have a nice dream
A wet dream, a sex scene, we sexing
And detexing, caressing
Her best friend want the same thing but I just curved it
f*ck it, y'all n*ggas be smoking on that sherbert
You don't wanna admit I'm cleaner than detergent
Yes, straight like I left the permit
All my semen started swerming
To her eggs, between her legs
She in the daze, going crazy
I'mma come clean I can't-

[Interlude: Lil Yatchy + A$AP Rocky]
I can't, I can't, don't look at me, I swear to God I can't do it
Yes you can
Not like that
You just had a scare, so you just gotta relax a lil' bit
Nah bruh, I could never
He had a scare you a lil' tramatized still
Bruh, you rap without stopping
You know why? When you f*ck up you keep going
I can never do that
If you like, bro if you fall you gon' get right back up we got you
Oh I like that

[Beat 2]

[Hook: A$AP Rocky]
It's time for me to go
It's time for me I know
It's time for me to
It's time for me to go

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
He said this a smash, I said this a pass
Full on cash, real fast
I ain't sitting on tabs, I ain't spending a tab
Better get in a cab
Take an LSD, I'm sipping a tab

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