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Ed Sheeran

"Moves (Remix)"

[Verse 1: Olly Murs]
I walk in the club like a million bucks
First I hit the bar for a couple of shots
We got the beautiful women, I think I’m makin' 'em blush
Then I spill my drink tryna cover it up
Got the dad dance moves, they ain't ready for 'em
Got the bad man groove, go steady on them
Hey señorita in her beautiful dress
Do you wanna dance? She's tellin' me "yes"

[Pre-Chorus: Olly Murs]
I got confidence in myself
But that's just Tequila giving me help
Tryna cover it up, so you never tell
I feel like dancin' with you

[Chorus: Olly Murs]
It's your moves, baby
'Cause I can't dance in the way that you do
But I got that love that you ain't used to, hey
And when the DJ's spinnin' that song that we groove to
Oh my, come and teach me how to dance

[Verse 2: Olly Murs]
Slow down!
DJ, play that track
Check out my kung-fu kicks, like I'm under attack
I wave my arms like this from front to back
Bet you never seen a bad mother dance like that
Then you're backing me in with a kiss on the lips
Jump into the middle, come and wiggle your hips
My love, take my hand, I'll give you a spin
Step once, step twice, let the party begin
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