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Do or Die

"Another One Dead and Gone"

Just another one dead and gone (4x)

A year from now, where will I be? Will I get blasted?
I picture myself in a crime house filled with roses on my casket
All my family and friends at the funeral wiping their tears away
Mother screaming, "wake up," I'm just resting 'til another day, she falls away
My kids are so confused 'cause their daddy's gone, left alone
Singing "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" at the funeral home, whats going on?
Four nights and a rainy day to the cemetery
Family be home, they supposed to comfort mama
Sees her baby buried, oh she's scared
But I'm asking, "Lord, is it meant for me to die this way?
Will I live by your word to see a brighter day?"
Catch a slug to the head from the infrared
Wondered about the bread, wondered right away
Is it time to pay? Visualize being gunned down
Mama told me to pass and run from the clan
Didn't know then what I know now

Chorus: Just another one dead and gone (4x)

Lights flashing, guns blasting, n*gga assassin
You asking how long I'm lasting when a n*gga be blasting
Negro mean they're the negro
It's 1-8-7 on some cops 'cause nigs know
It's all about drama, save it for my mama
I'ma tell her when next summer comes, I'ma be a crack seller
But peep it: here go my f*cking choices, sh*t
A n*gga knowing he got a chance to put his voice in it
He'll be like, "n*gga decide what your life is like"
You gotta be dealing or selling some f*cking dope just to earn some f*cking stripes
She said don't go, but the flow wouldn't help your homie get off his kilo
Course then half the neighborhood watching your ass on a TV show like America's Most Wanted
Well, what the f*ck they want me for, except to fight their wars?
But I'm a young n*gga with potential
Shooting game and shooting n*ggas, that's all fundamental
Drug houses and some other drug houses and pimps are going to jail for other people's ounces
While he out free, your boat sinks
Sit here, three months and a couple of Soul Trains to help you think
(Now how you gonna get over that sh*t?
I don't know n*gga...)

Just another one dead and gone (4 times)

I see an image in the sky, is it me?
I can't believe my soul would ever die
So please God, tell me why
Have I not committed murder? Did I commit a sin?
Have I broke any one of your laws? Shall I repent?
Oh, is it too late to go wish my family farewell?
Before I continue to my journey, know whether its heaven or hell
All they have is my picture, my beloved memories
And still rejoicing upon the times, the ways I used to be
A pleasant thing I gave to keep them happy
I knew white castles never just like my pappy
Help this death is coming at me
And they let my soul slowly die
'Cause all the wrong that I've done to keep my mama crying so much longer
And if I could return, I'd read the Book of Revelations
Look at what I'm facing, a no-win situation
I guess this world will come to, lord
So let my peers know for them, I shed no tears

What hurts the most is when a brother falls
I could see my mama balling up and family and friends saying kill 'em all
Talk, big or small, ain't no reason for this homicide
Money, women, and pride took another brother for his life
If you really want to fight, put the straps down, stand firm
Go toe-to-toe, see who survives in this last round
Last down so walk away, looks like you lost
For the ones who boast, what's the outcome of this holocaust?
Drive-by on retaliation, Glock infrared
Miss your opponent by an inch, and hit the babies head
The babies dead, an innocent victim, did you shoot to kill?
Because the man is live and gone, and the baby's still

My mama told me that I was a badass
But to show my fast past, nah, I never listened to that bullsh*t
But the bullsh*t could have saved me from them three rounds
Didn't know then what I know now
Attached to my advisements, unaware of all this high-tech sh*t
I lost my daddy in '92 from a drunk driver
And it seems the only thing it did was made me get higher
My oldest brother in the funeral home with shackles on
In '93 we took the ride and lost payin a ton

Just another one dead and gone (repeat)

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