Olive Garden & Citi Trends
[L$G and Vader]

Hi my name is Los, I know your name is Carmen
Nice to meet you baby lets go to Olive Garden
Like I said lets go to Olive Garden
Me and you we can go to Olive Garden

Hi my name is Sean, I know your name is Kaylin
Nice to meet you baby can we go to Citi Trends
And they have a special 2 for 1 on the FUBU
But if you think I'm buying 2 b*t*h you are a damn fool

[Vader] Verse 1:

Just walked to her house and picked her up
Told her my car is in the shop so we gotta take the bus
She said she had cash I told her bring a lot
Gotta walk 12 blocks to the nearest bus stop
She complaining and she won't stop talking
Told her shut the f**k up b*t*h at least we ain't walking
98 degrees so it's hot as sh*t
Ion pay for the pu**y going half on this brisk
Went to the Phat Farm told her back her a** back
Ion got Phat Farm go to the clearance rack

[L$G] Verse 2:

So hey Carmen I just hit you up on Bebo
Trapping off my sister DS I'm looking like I'm BMO
So are we going to Olive Garden?
Come Carmen on let's go to Olive Garden
Wait wait I can't leave yet because I didn't do the dishes
But I did them now so I can go with the quickness
I see you eyeing that desert your feelings gone to be hurt
Cause I'm not buying that no matter how much you flirt
You want a 5 dollar salad?
Ho what is you a rabbit?
You know you shouldn't eat because on some religion it's the Sabbath


[Saks Fifth Ant] Verse 3:

Girl lets to go to the dollar show
We can watch the mutha f**king Navajo
But for real you can get no popcorn
You can only get a drink of water
Not even that, that cost about 20 dollars
Ho I'll grab you by your collar
Throw you in your seat
Hell naw we ain't sitting in the premium ones that lean back
We sitting in the from where the juice stains at
Girl, let me take you da movies

[Vader] Outro:

Man I need a bad b*t*h, I'm in this all white and it's crispy
Hello Kaylin my name is Sean
Would you like a 40 cause you know I can't afford wine
Oh my god you so sexy
No lie the Government helps me
Would you like some food?
We gotta go on a money hunt like Blues Clues
Thanks Obama for not cutting the food stamps