King Dodongo
[Sample from Kingdom Hearts 1]

L$G: [Verse 2]

Come take a trek into the resting place of Genaveve
Over the centuries it's been the plot and dream of countless thieves
The envy rotten pillagers upset and angry villagers
Uncontrollable urges and constant dark thoughts of killing her
Somewhere in the water is baby Moses floating across the border
His mother with post mortem
Sent him out because she can't support him
Hephaestus snoring Hades left hell cause it was to boring
At the foot of the Styx Eros just washed up on the shore
And he's got his flaming torch ready to ignite hearts and start a war
Have people emotions soaring
The pa**ion of people pouring
Everything's been dead since that fateful news from the castle
The king left in his shackles and to gain power it's battle
Baby Damien shakes his rattle and ignites the rage of cattle
Fire explodes, people die Pope Adrian sits high upon his saddle
And let the snake whisper demands from his apple

King James slaughtered the bible to force people to see his vision
Wanted the poor to poor just leave em hoping and wishing
Pay a 10% t**he so that the church stays the richest
Leave the peasants dirt poor and begging for forgiveness x2
False deities to force people act with kindness
See the world as they tell you so you can go through life with blindness
Condemn the person to hell if you accuse them of lying
Say a persons going to heaven as long as they put their t**he in x2